Terence Crawford aims to take over

Posted by Oscar Francis on

Terence Crawford, the reigning 140-pound kingpin of boxing and a top pound-for-pound contender, says he wants to be the No. 1 man in the sport, which is not exactly a surprise or anything, but it’s a bold statement that he made earlier today on Twitter.

"Now that and retired from boxing I am the one to fill the #1 spot and I'm done talking about it."

Mayweather has promised that his August 26 win over Conor McGregor — his first fight in two years — was the last time he’ll be seen in a boxing ring. At 40, it’s more likely now than it’s ever been before, and Floyd has definitely “retired” before.

Ward announced a mildly surprising but not shocking retirement from the sport this week, saying that his body was giving in and that he no longer had the desire to fight at his very best.

Crawford (32-0, 23 KO) is as good a bet to take over in the role as anyone. At 29, he’s won titles at 135 and 140, and in time it seems inevitable that he’ll move to 147, where there are bigger and tougher fights waiting.

In his last fight on August 19, he knocked out Julius Indongo in the third round to unify all four major titles at 140 pounds. He has since given up the IBF belt.